10 Fun Things to Do in Branson for the Whole Family

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Living in the heart of the Ozarks means you’ll never be bored. This stunning region is packed full of culture, as well as nature, and families are in for a treat. 

With so many things to do in Branson, it’s no surprise that this small city has over 7 million visitors each year. It’s not just fun for tourists, though. Raising your family here is the best way to make the most of Missouri’s most sought-after destinations. 

Fancy a fun Friday night with the kids? Head down to one of the delicious restaurants at Branson Landing and watch the fire show after. When the summer sun gets too hot, take a trip to Table Rock Lake for watersports and hours of laughter. 

If you live in Branson or are thinking about moving there, read on for our fun-packed list of the best Branson attractions.  

The Best Things to Do in Branson for Families

Branson is surrounded by nature, so if you love being in the great outdoors, it’s one of the best places to live. It doesn’t take long to reach hiking trails, lakes, and mountains no matter where in Branson you live. 

There’s a reason why they call this city the Las Vegas of the Midwest. Branson, MO attractions are some of the best in the country. With endless shows and fantastic music, the whole family can get involved with the entertainments. 

Here are ten ideas to get you started.

1. Take a Trip to the Lake

Visiting Moonshine Beach on the shores of Table Rock Lake is one of the most relaxing things to do in Branson, Missouri. Everything you need for a full day out is right here. 

Kids will love swimming in the lake and there’s always space for some sandcastle building. With a playground, a volleyball area, and restrooms, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  

2. Race Each Other at the Track Family Fun Parks

With three locations around the city, the top Branson, Missouri attractions have got to be the Track Family Fun Parks. The kids will be expert go-kart drivers in no time and you can race each other all day long. 

When you live in Branson, get multi-day passes to these exhilarating parks and keep a family race log. You’ll have so much fun watching each other improve.

It’s not all go-karting, though.

With bumper boats, arcades, and laser tag, there’s always new excitement to be had. 

3. Visit Talking Rocks Cavern

Up in Branson West, there’s an amazing surprise waiting for families.

The Talking Rocks Cavern is a magical underground experience for adults and kids alike. Take the one-hour guided tour and enjoy this incredible cave. 

When you emerge into the daylight, challenge the children to a round of mini-golf before grabbing some lunch. The fun doesn’t end there, though. Buy a bag of ‘mining rough’ from the shop and look for gemstones in the sluicing area. 

4. Marvel at Branson Landing

There’s no doubt about it — one of the best things to do in Branson is hanging out at Branson Landing.

The city’s lakefront development is packed with dining options, shops, and a ton of entertainment. 

It’s only when you live in Branson that you can get the most out of Branson Landing. Events go on throughout the year so you can pick and choose whichever you like. 

5. Have a Picnic at Table Rock State Park

Away from the business of downtown, having a family picnic in Table Rock State Park is a blissful experience.

The park has lots of hiking trails, lakeside lunch spots, and places to lie back in the sunshine. 

Get a hamper together of everyone’s favorite foods and stick some lemonade in the cooler. Nothing beats a picnic in the sunshine. 

6. Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery 

Branson is surrounded by a lake system, but what happens under the water?

Kids will love to learn all about the brown and rainbow trout that are hatched right here and moved into the lakes. 

When you’ve become experts in trout breeding, head off for a stroll along the hiking trails next to the Fish Hatchery

7. Go Back in Time at the World’s Largest Toy Museum

Don’t you just wish you could show your kids all the toys and games you used to play as a child?

Well, now you can!

One of the coolest Branson attractions is the World’s Largest Toy Museum, a true walk down memory lane. 

Toys date from the 1800s right up to games you used to play. You’ll recognize so much here that you’ll feel like a kid again yourself!

8. Hike in Henning State Forest

With entertainment and nature, Branson has got it all.

Living on the edge of Table Rock Lake means you’re in easy reach of so many incredible parks. And Henning State Forest is definitely a place to visit. 

With short and longer hiking trails, Henning State Forest is a great day out for families with young and older kids. With views, creeks, forests, and the chance to spot deer, hiking here is a real treat. 

9. Teach the Kids to Fish

Imagine waking up in your lakeside property on a sunny Saturday and heading down to the water’s edge with the kids.

Fishing is at its best at Table Rock Lake and it’s a wonderful chance to teach the kids something new. 

And if you’ve never fished yourself? Even better. There’s nothing as fun as the whole family learning together.

We have some great tips for getting the best fishing out of Table Rock Lake. 

10. Explore the Rainforest at the Butterfly Palace

The Ozarks are beautiful, but how do you fancy some rainforest?

One of the most unusual Branson, MO attractions has got to be the Butterfly Palace with its huge population of pretty insects. 

You can learn all about rainforests and the children will be amazed when butterflies happily land on their hands. 

Living in Branson Is Endless Fun

This list is packed full of things to do in Branson, but we’ve only just scratched the surface!

We love living on the lakeshore, with nature on our doorstep and the city entertainments right next door. We know you’ll love it, too. 

Branson is a great place for families thanks to its thriving culture and passion for all things fun. Are you ready to make your Ozark dream a reality?

Take a look at the different Branson communities to see where your new home could be.