5 Reasons Why Table Rock Lake Is The Best Place To Retire In Missouri

Table Rock Lake Retirement

Retirement means living a life of rest and relaxation. You turn in the office keys and trade your briefcase for your golf bag. But retirement does not mean a life of laziness and latency.

If you’re a resident of the Show-Me State, you already understand Missouri is a great place to live. Table Rock is the best place to retire in Missouri.  

1. Hiking at Table Rock

Retirement does not mean sitting and doing nothing. Baby boomers are not the type to sit around after they’ve handed in the office keys. Rather, they’re the movers of the retirement community. 

You can pick up a new hobby or continue a healthy lifestyle by hiking at Table Rock

Table Rock offers a variety of both walking and hiking trails that showcase the very best of Missouri nature. You can see the colors of summer, fall, winter, and spring and encounter the natural habitat of Missouri’s great variety of wildlife.  

Retirees need to walk now more than ever, with the cost of healthcare rising. Those who care well for themselves will find they do not need as much healthcare as those who have abused their bodies for years. 

Table Rock’s hiking trails and moderate temperatures mean retirees can care well for themselves, breathe some fresh air, and enjoy a little exercise on a daily basis without taxing themselves or having to find a gym. 

2. Cost-Effective Retirement 

Branson ranks at an 84.8 on the Best Places scale for the cost of living. A rank of 100 indicates the US average of cost, which means Branson’s cost of living is below average compared to other cities in the United States. 

So not only can retirees enjoy beautiful lake living, but they can know that the egg nest they worked so hard to create will last them until their final days. This is great news for seniors and retirees living on a fixed income. d

When you check out the lake homes at Table Rock, you’ll discover a great variety of prices and sizes, and thus about anything that can fit your given budget. You can select a quaint cottage on the water or a three-story cabin to house all your visiting relatives. 

3. Peaceful Lake Living

Table Rock has almost 800 miles of shoreline and pristine, crystal-clear waters. It does not have the irritating stink we find in land-locked lakes teeming with algae and bacteria. 

You’ll find yourself staring at the water and marveling at the colors, and you may even enjoy some new hobbies such as fishing or kayaking or canoeing. These are all hobbies that cost little financially but yield great benefits in physical, mental, and emotional health. 

As a result, those who live at Table Rock are treated to the breath-taking scenes only lake living will offer, with sunrises and sunsets of unparalleled beauty and serenity. 

Furthermore, if you want the family to come visit you in your retirement, live on the water. Your children and grandchildren will always have something to do with abundant opportunities to swim, fish, boat, jet ski, parasail, snorkel, tube, and even camp. 

You can share your newfound home and hobbies with those you love by teaching grandchildren to fish or by taking your adult children out on a canoe ride. You can enjoy the serenity of lake living while knowing your favorite people want to still visit you in your retirement years. 

4. Four Distinct Seasons

Missouri, in general, has four distinct seasons. Table Rock offers all of the amenities that come with those specific seasons and yet nothing terribly extreme. When you live at Table Rock, you have the heat of the summer, the warm colors of fall, the coolness of winter, and the new life of spring. 

Summer temps reach up to 90 degrees on the most intense days, and the mercury dips to 44 on the coolest days in the winter. So you won’t have to break out parkas and sub-zero gear, and you can still enjoy the warmth of summer that brings friends and family to your lake home.  

So if you like one season over another but also want some variety, Table Rock weather is for you. If you do not like the temperature, stick around a while. It will change. 

5. Entertainment & Shopping

With Branson nearby, Table Rock retirees have no shortage of things to do. Branson has three enormous factory outlet shopping centers and was recently ranked as the second-largest outlet shopping destination.

If you enjoy shopping and enjoy deals, you’ll find your sweet spot a few miles away in town. At the same time, you can avoid having tourists on your backdoor because you’ll be living at the lake and not in town. 

Branson also hosts a beautiful historic downtown with unique boutiques and a variety of restaurants. Again, not only will you have the amenities that you enjoy, but you’ll give your loved ones one more reason to visit you. 

Branson is known as little Nashville for a reason. With more than 45 theaters and 100 shows, you will find variety acts, music, magic, and animals. Your weekends can consist of a peaceful evening at the lake or an entertaining night on the town. 

The Best Place to Retire in Missouri

When you retire in the Show-Me state, Table Rock Lake is the best place to retire in Missouri. You’ll have beautiful views on a daily basis, weekend plans in town, and affordable living. 

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