Best Time to List Lakefront Homes for Sale on Table Rock Lake

Best Times to List Lakefront Homes for Sale on Table Rock Lake

Best Time to List Lakefront Homes for Sale on Table Rock Lake

Our owner, Joe, was visiting with a potential listing client and was asked a question that he has heard so many times before. She asked, “Isn’t spring the best time to list a house? I’ve always heard this.” This is a theory realtors have all heard many times before. Some state this opinion like it is a fact, which Joe is here to give his input on. Hopefully, it will give you something to consider or quite possibly even change your mind before listing.

In spring, the trees are blooming and everything is fresh. There is tremendous energy with real estate activity with what is usually follows a long and dreary winter. Though this sounds like an ideal time to list, the real buyers of real estate are looking at all times of the year.

It is a fact that people purchase real estate at all times of the year. When they buy depends on individual circumstances. So, say you have a buyer that is looking to purchase real estate in late fall or even during winter. What if this is “the buyer” that would fall madly in love with your property but they have no idea it is even for sale because you are waiting for spring? Are you thinking yet? Maybe even reconsidering waiting till spring?

If many sellers and realtors follow this theory about spring being the best time to list, there will be less competition on the market for sale during other times of the year. Your listing will get more viewings and possibly a close before spring even turns the corner. This is knowledge that comes from many years of active realty and can get you closer to a sale.

So, in summary, the best time to list your property for sale is when the property is show ready. Make a great first impression by finishing those things you keep ignoring. Fresh paint, clean carpets, clean smells and decluttering are so very important. Please call Joe or Billie at Lake Time Realty to discuss when is the best time to list lakefront homes for sale on Table Rock Lake.