Choosing The Right Agent - Lake Home in Branson Missouri

Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

Buying real estate is probably one of the biggest decisions a family will make. There are many potential unseen obstacles that potential buyers need to be aware of and if you are coming into an area that you personally are not familiar with, you will need the assistance of a qualified professional.

The owners of Lake Time Realty, Joe and Billie Cockrell have lived on Table Rock Lake since 1985. We personally know this lake inside and out. Billie has been a Realtor since 2001 and Joe since 2006 and we’ve had our Brokers License since 2008. We have worked with some very reputable Real Estate Companies over the years gaining our knowledge and our experience with the entire Tri-Lakes area.

We started Lake Time Realty in 2017 and are offering our knowledge and experience to both buyers and sellers.

When you are surfing the internet looking for the perfect lake home in Branson Missouri and trying to decide which Realtor is best suited for your family, there are several questions you should ask anyone you’re considering working with.

Is the Realtor from this area? Are they lake property owners themselves? Do they really understand what you are investing in or do they just want to get a closed sale? Is this a hobby or a second income for them? Will they be around after the purchase in case you need a referral from a local contractor? Does the Realtor have knowledge of the lake, lake areas, and can answer questions about the different lakes and areas? Will the Realtor explain all the legal contracts and give complete copies that you will be signing?

Joe and Billie Cockrell with Lake Time Realty have all the right answers to these important questions and we would love to work with you. We have experience and knowledge from living on the lake. Selling Real Estate is what we do for a living.

We actually own a lake front cabin and are developers of a former vacation resort that we once operated as nightly rentals. We understand what an awesome investment lake ownership can be. We always make friends with our clients and are available to help find qualified contacts for professional people after the sale.

We give you plenty of time to review contracts and can explain what you are signing and will give you copies either via printed hardcopy or email. We love the lakes and have patience when working with clients.

We also love to work with sellers who face the hard choice of leaving the area. We can sit down with you to show you how we can market your property to show it at its best and how to get you the best possible return. We are honest when we give you a realistic Market Analysis on what to expect as a list price. The team at Lake Time Realty looks forward to hearing from you.