Choosing the Right Table Rock Lake Realtor

Choosing the Right Table Rock Lake Realtor

Choosing the Right Table Rock Lake Realtor

With so many real estate agents in the business, how do you choose the right agent? Here are some things to consider to help you to decide which agent will be best to work with as you make this important financial purchase.

Shopping for real estate is serious business and you should select a Table Rock Lake Realtor that will focus on your search criteria and will listen carefully to your conversations about your criteria.

Unfortunately there are a few agents that are only out for the quick sale, because we all get paid by our commissions from successfully closed real estate transactions. Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you go through the process of selecting the best agent for your family.

Beware of any agents who try to get you to sign a Buyers Contract before they will even take you out to show any properties. If you do, then you are under an obligation contract to purchase real estate with the agent and their company.

It is a legal and binding contract. We prefer to spend time with our clients first, so we can find out what you’re looking for and your timeline to purchase before we would ever ask to be your Buyers Agent. We have the patience and understanding that it takes to find you the property that best matches your search criteria.

Some agents try to impress you with what they have sold in the past and convince you that they are the best because of their volume. A question you should ask yourself is would you get better service by spending a little time with a few select agents before you devote your investment to an agent that will treat you as just another number in a quick sale?

If an agent doesn’t understand that you would like an interview or a real estate discussion before they push the Buyers Contract then that be your answer for how quickly that agent is trying to make a sale.

Be sure you ask plenty of questions. Many agents that do real estate day in and day out assume the client is ready to purchase now without offering to explain the process.

Remember, you will be dealing with legal contracts, so be sure to select an experienced agent that is a no pressure type of sales person.

Some agents work for Brokers that put pressure on them to perform. They perform by counting closed volume. We can speak from experience by having worked for these types of companies in the past and that’s one of the big reasons we’ve decided to work for ourselves with Lake Time Realty.

While we may be considered a new and smaller real estate company, we have many years of lake area real estate experience and we are growing day by day with more listings and new clients. We did not buy into another company’s success. We are using our success to grow and build our own company from the ground up.

These are just a few things to consider when selecting a Realtor to assist you with your purchase because there are many styles and techniques of sales for Realtors out there to pick from. Joe and Billie with Lake Time Realty look forward to assisting buyers and sellers and we are both no pressure type of Realtors.

We strive to make our clients happy because not only is your purchase important to us, your referrals are too. We want to be a friend long after the sale and want you to remember your real estate purchase as a smooth and pleasant experience.