Cottages - Lake View Cottages in Branson Missouri


Cottages are another type of property that are dotted all over the Tri-Lakes area. They are very similar to cabins, but instead of being rustic like a cabin, cottages tend to be described as quaint. They can vary in age and in square footage but are typically like the pictures described in storybooks. They are not cookie-cutter floorplans. This means they are all unique and will probably never find two that are alike.

Construction on a cottage is usually stone or a mix with stone and brick or stone with board and bat, where cabins are usually log or wood sided ranch type design. Cottages can be older or they can be built new with the look of an older classic cottage. Today’s building and finishing techniques are quite impressive and can give you that older cottage look with new construction.

Table Rock Lake was built in the late 1950’s and the lake filled in fast. Lake front properties started being built right away and are typically under 1500 square feet. They were built as both retirement properties and second homes so they were always built a little on the rustic side and can be found in all parts of the Tri-Lakes area.

A cottage is similar to a cabin, but it is an architectural lifestyle choice that will stand out against all the other lake properties. They are unique in design and are usually the most efficient with the use square footage with special built-ins throughout for storage.

If you’re interested in looking at lake view cottages in Branson Missouri, we can search for these properties with our knowledge of the area. We have listed and sold a few and can search them out or put you in touch with a local builder that could custom build you one that looks like it has been here a while but is very efficient on energy saving with new construction.