Dock Access - Boat Slip Real Estate for Sale On Table Rock Lake

Dock Access

Having a property on the lake is a dream come true, but what would make it even better? How about a boat slip just below your property? While boat slip real estate for sale on Table Rock Lake is the ideal set up for dock access and these properties do come on the market from time to time, there are many alternatives depending on how adaptable you are willing to be.

There are several options for having dock access: properties with a private dock, semi-private dock, nearby community dock, a community dock, lease at a marina and public access (boat ramp).

Boat docks and boat slips are generally not considered real estate but can be negotiated with a real estate purchase if one is available from the sellers. They are considered personal property and taxes are collected as personal property and ownership is transferred with a “Bill of Sale”.

Buyers also need to consider the expense of having a boat slip or dock. The expenses include hiring a dock management company to keep up with moving the dock in or out depending on if the lake level is rising or falling.

If you belong to a community dock, there is usually a dock association for that dock only that will collect dues from all slip owners to cover the expenses of a dock manager and insurance for the dock in case of storm damages.

If you have a private dock, that expense will be up to you depending on if you are a permanent resident and can do it yourself or a part-time resident and have to hire it done. If you lease a slip at one of the marinas, the slip rental will cover the marina having it done.

Private docks are the most desirable for many lake property buyers, but these are expensive and can add at least $75,000.00 extra to your purchase.

A semi-private dock is also an option if you like the idea of splitting the costs with several other owners, but you will need to like and get along with the other owners of the dock.

Community docks are the most common form of owning a boat slip on the lake and are the most popular since many developments have areas for one or more community docks and you can walk or drive a golf cart or ATV to the dock.

If you are in an area where there is no community dock or boat slip available, you can still find one nearby that you can purchase and drive to, a little more inconvenient but still gives you easy lake access.

If you still can’t find a slip nearby, you can always lease a slip at one of the marinas that are scattered all over the lake or keep your boat on a trailer and launch whenever you want to go boating.