Find Your Perfect Horseback Riding in Branson Experience

Branson is a beautiful area filled with amazing wildlife and scenic views. But if you want to get the full experience of this amazing town, then ditch the car and do horseback riding in Branson instead!

This mode of transportation allows you to see every amazing scene all while riding on a horse. But before you strap on your boots, you need to know which riding trail is best for you. So keep reading to learn more about horseback riding in Missouri.

Bear Creek Stables

Bear Creek sits just outside of Branson within the small town of Walnut Shade. You can rest assure that you will have the best time during this hour-long horseback trail ride. 

This relaxing and quiet ride is the best for beginners as the trail is very smooth and relaxing. During the trial, you will see, wooden areas, smaller hills, rare flowers, and pastures.

Bear Creek is also very family-friendly and informative. So if you’re looking for horseback riding for kids, then Bear Creek is your next destination!

Ozark Mountain Trail Rides 

The Shepherd of the Hills is home to the ever-famous Ozarz homestead. This hour-long horseback riding experience will leave you breathless.

During the ride, you will see centuries-old oak trees, beautiful valleys, natural water resources, and The Shepherd of the Hills Old Mill Theater. This is where the “Shepherd of the Hills” drama series is shot!

Overall, the Ozark riding trail is a great way to discover horseback riding in Missouri!

Busiek Trail Rides

If you’re an experienced rider then Busiek is perfect for you! This horseback trail ride is located a few miles north of Branson. The multi-purposes, state-run forest, is great for horseback riders, bicyclists, and hikers.

Be aware that Busiek does not offer guided tours at moment. Therefore, you have to own your own horse and know your way around the Busiek State Forest Trail.

The Busiek trials are about 18 miles long and made up of well-kept trails filled with valleys, warmer climates, and a stunning river! Overall, Busiek trails is definitely a great place to be if you enjoy solo horseback rides. 

Little Indian Stables at Dogwood Canyon Horseback Riding

Little Indian Stables offers a one or two-hour-long horseback trail riding experience. This kind of trail is best for intermediate riders as you will experience rustic terrains. 

During the horseback ride, you will see all of the amazing things the Ozark has to offer. For example, you will see wooden lands, historic logging trails, and famous hills. When compared to the Dogwood Canyon, this trail is definitely more “off the maps”. 

Little Indian Stables also offers horse-drawn carriage rides for special occasions. On this ride, you’ll see the Hope Wilderness Chapel, stunning waterfalls, and endless meadows of beautiful colors. 

So if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, then Littel Indian Stables at Dogwood Canyon is perfect for you.

The Best Horseback Riding in Branson

Hopefully, this article has prepared you for horseback riding in Branson! So get your boots and family ready for the best nature-filled experience of your life. 

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