Fun, Sun, a Boat for One (or Two, or Three): An Easy Guide to Table Rock Lake Boat Rental

You wake up and look outside, noticing it’s a nice summer day. So you plan a day at Table Rock Lake. You get into your vehicle and drive down there for a great day of summer fun.

When you arrive, you stare out into the water and wish you had a boat. Well, that’s no problem with Table Rock Lake boat rental. There are also so many other amazing and enjoyable things to do at Table Rock Lake!

Keeping reading to learn more about Table Rock Lake boat rental and its convenience.

Cost and Type

If you’re searching for the perfect place to rent a boat, there are so many options. There are about 7 marinas in the area, each with its own unique name and style.

Indian Point Marina is open all year round. And they’re sitting right on the lake, right at your convenience.

They have a wide range of rental vessels for summer family fun. Some of their vessels include pontoon boats, ski boats, and wave runners.

They also have a 10 passenger crafter, called a 25′ Sportoon. This vessel costs about $85 to rent, and it provides a relaxing ride for all passengers.

The 22′ ski boat is an 8 passenger craft and it costs $75 to rent. This boat is great for water-skiing and tubing!

Indian Point Marina’s rental rates start at $75 for one hour and increase by 4 hours each time. For one hour, it costs $75 and for 4 hours, it costs $280.

You can rent a vessel for up to one week before you must return it. Anchors aren’t provided with their rental boats and pets aren’t allowed on board.

Boat Slip Rental in Table Rock Lake

Indian Point Marina also offers a boat slip rental to their clients. Before renting a boat slip at Table Rock Lake, make sure you get the information you need.

For example, know the cost of the slip and how long you want to rent it. Indian Point Marina offers rentals for nightly and weekly trips. The cost depends on the size of the stall you want.

Know the Rules of the Water

If you’ve never been out boating before, there are a few rules you need to know and understand. So it’s best to do your research or ask someone at the rental company before you head out. Learn a few rules of the water to help keep you safe.

Inland rules apply while you’re on any body of water within the United States.

Table Rock Lake Boat Rental Made Easy

if you’re interested in renting a boat, look no further than Table Rock Lake boat rental. There are about 7 marinas in the area. But Indian Point Marina is right on the lake.

Before renting a boat, make sure you understand the rules of the water. Anchors aren’t provided on Indian Point Marina’s rental crafts, and pets aren’t allowed. They have a chart on their website with all the prices for their rent crafts.

Check out our website to learn more about Table Rock Lake boat rentals. And don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our real estate services.