Help Your Table Rock Lake Realtor Help You


Help Your Table Rock Lake Realtor Help YouHelp Your Table Rock Lake Realtor Help You

We love selling real estate, but it can also be hard work. Seldom does everything fall into its place. We have to make it happen. From finding sellers to list to finding buyers to represent, everything takes a time and continued effort. Here are some things to keep in mind while you are working with a Table Rock Lake Realtor. Help us make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible.

As a Seller, you can help by taking the Realtor’s advice in making your property show well and make a great first impression on potential buyers. You can do this by giving your property fresh paint, performing a deep cleaning, or taking care of repairs ahead of an inspection. Packing personal items up and getting them out of the property helps as well. After all, isn’t it your intention to move?

Also, be realistic with helping your Realtor determine a list price. Yes, it’s always easier to lower a price than it is to ask more. The downside is, if you start too high you will tend to always be just a little too high with each following price adjustment.

As a Buyer, you can help by having a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. Because we live in a tourist area, we get a lot of out of town buyers. These buyers need extra attention and to be educated about the different lakes and lake areas. This is something that can be done ahead of the actual physical showings. With internet access to Google and Google Maps, much of the search can be done ahead of meeting with a Table Rock Lake Realtor.

Many people choose to do drive-bys and research properties on their own. That way they can take the time to really check out the areas and make decisions based on personal preferences before meeting with a Realtor. Of course, we are always happy to give extra attention if desired, but researching on your own saves time and allows you to develop property criteria. We will send several properties that match the criteria list so you can explore our large lake areas first and decide if areas are too remote or not remote enough.

Joe and Billie with Lake Time Realty look forward to assisting both Buyers and Sellers and have the experience and knowledge to share advice on how to help us help you. Are you ready for Lake Time?