Here’s How to Make the Most of Table Rock State Park If You Live Near It

boating on table rock lake

Living in Branson, MO, means you not only have access to some of the country’s best entertainment but you also live in stunning natural surroundings. Right in the heart of the Ozarks, living here offers mountains, lakes, and parks all within easy reach. 

One of the best places to visit whenever you have some free time is Table Rock State Park. A couple of miles from downtown Branson, this family-friendly lakeside state park is easy to get to and a beautiful place for a day out or weekend adventure. 

You can get out onto the water, take a fishing trip or go for a bike ride along one of Table Rock’s pretty trails. Kids will love it here too with camping, hiking, and even kayaking on the lake. 

So if you live near Table Rock State Park, read on to discover all the fun things that await you. 

Table Rock State Park Throughout the Year

Summer in Table Rock State Park is bliss if you love being outside. This is the best time of year to try out all the watersports available on the lake and enjoy long evenings and summer picnics. 

When the days are filled with hot, Missourian sunshine, there’s no better way to cool off than by swimming, diving, or paddleboarding on the lake. But summer isn’t the only wonderful time to visit this state park. 

Spring and fall have warm temperatures that are perfect for hiking and mountain biking along the trails. Dogs can use the park’s trails if they’re on a leash too, so you’ll never have to leave your furry friend behind. 

In winter, the crisp blue skies make hiking in the park a lovely day out. It might be a little chilly for watersports but walking or riding through the park will warm you up in no time. Living near Table Rock Lake gives you access to the great outdoors all year round and it’s so close to Branson that it’s no bother even if you just want a quick walk. 


Whether watersports are a big part of your life or you’re a total beginner, Table Rock Lake is the ideal place to try them out. With warm temperatures in summer, visitors from all over the US come to this huge lake system for the watersports on offer. 

If you live near Table Rock State Park, you’ll soon feel like the luckiest person. Stand up paddleboarding is one of the most fun watersports for families on the lake and in summer it doesn’t matter if you fall in, you won’t get cold! 

Kayaking and canoeing are also perfect watersports for families as you can seat small children right in the canoe with you. Glide along the beautiful lake and spend hours exploring all the inlets. This lake area is so sprawling that you could kayak every weekend and never get bored. 

If speed is your thing, jet skis are the best way to zoom around the lake and have an exhilarating ride. Or maybe you don’t want to be on the water at all, would you prefer to be underneath it?

Table Rock Lake is beautifully clear and a great spot for diving. You can take dive lessons right from Table Rock State Park and discover the fascinating submarine landscape normally hidden from view. 

Hiking and Biking

Back on dry land, Table Rock State Park has winding trails that suit mountain biking and hiking for a range of abilities.

The White River Blue Trail is the perfect length for a day hike. In spring and summer, you can hike this 3.4-mile trail in dense forest and beautiful foliage. You’ll get views over the dam and surrounding area and spot lots of local wildlife. In fall and winter, the foliage dies back and the views get even better, making this trail a great year-round hike. 

The Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is ideal for families looking for child-friendly paths. Paved and flat, this 4.8-mile out and back trail is easy for walking, running, and cycling. You get wonderful lake views along this trail and it’s the perfect surroundings to stop for a picnic in the shade. 


Table Rock Lake is well known for its excellent fishing, especially if you’re keen on bass fishing. There are plenty of tackle shops around the lake edge and lots of local guides who can take you out on the water and teach you everything you need to know. 

Fishing isn’t just a summer activity at Table Rock either and you can fish all year round. With crappie, bass, rainbow trout, and many others to be caught, check the legal limits on size and quantity and away you go. 

Evening Activities

Days at Table Rock State Park are relaxing, fun, and filled with adventure. But as evening approaches, is it time to go home?

When you live near this beautiful state park, you can make the most of it in the evening too. Families will love staying at one of the cozy campgrounds even if you don’t live far. Is there anything more magical than sitting around a campfire telling stories and eating marshmallows?

The Showboat Branson Belle is docked right at the edge of the state park if you’re looking for something even more special. Book an evening cruise and enjoy a 3-course meal complete with entertainment for a romantic evening on the lake. 

In the summer, take advantage of the light evenings and have a picnic dinner right by the lake edge. Don’t forget the bug spray or the cutlery!

Make the Most of Table Rock State Park

Living near Table Rock State Park gives you activities all year round. From watersports like paddleboarding and diving to land activities like hiking and mountain biking, you can spend all your free time enjoying nature. 

Table Rock State Park is particularly family-friendly thanks to its easy trails, picnic spots, and watersports classes. Growing up here would be a kid’s dream so be sure to make the most of this stunning park when you live in the area. 

If you’re looking for a home near Table Rock State Park, check out our Branson West properties or get in touch so we can help you find your perfect location.