How to Maintain Your Lake House in the Off Season

If there is one thing every homeowner can agree upon–it’s the importance of prevention and maintenance.

With new innovations like smart roofs making it easy to manage a home from afar, there are still key steps to take prior to locking up for the year.

While a lake house can provide priceless family memories during the season–it is imperative that homeowners take careful steps to maintain these properties during the winter. This way, you can protect this investment so that it can be properly enjoyed for years to come.

For a brief guide on the best ways to care for your lake home during the offseason, read on below!

Turn Off the Gas and Water

For homes that use gas hot water heaters, it is important that you shut off this supply completely. From there, drain the water heater to ensure pipes do not freeze and then burst during the course of the winter.

Turn Down the Heat

Dial the thermostat down to a safe level to which you will not have to pay an arm and a leg in heating costs–but also do not risk damaging the home. This can be accomplished especially easily with a smart thermostat, capable of connecting to your cell phone and ensuring access to the home’s temperature from anywhere.

Unplug Electrical Devices

It may not be realistic to disconnect the electricity completely every offseason. Instead, another important step is to unplug electrical devices and appliances. This can go a long way in saving electric costs, as well as preventing fires from occurring.

Empty Out Food Supplies

All perishable food items should be removed or discarded from your lake house. In addition to keeping your home clean and smelling nice, it also prevents mice and other creatures from making cozy in your home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

While it may be a pain, cleaning the house from top to bottom is one of the most effective ways to maintain it for the seasons to come. This includes everything from scrubbing floors and windows, removing all trash, cleaning bathrooms, and sealing up bedding for the winter.

This way, you can help deter unwanted rodents and bugs, as well as substances like mold from becoming an issue over the winter. When it comes to de-winterize in the spring, you will be glad you cleaned!

Lock Up

Finally, be sure to secure all potential entry points of the home. These should be protected against trespassers or criminals, as well unwelcome critters, and storms blowing open points of entry.

Again–with smart devices installed, you may be able to control this all from the convenience of your cell phone.

New to the Lake House Market?

Whether you are thinking about searching for a lake house for sale or simply looking for new tips to keep your current property in top shape, the above guide can help you get your feet wet in this pursuit.

Just like it’s smart to consult an expert in property maintenance–contacting an expert realtor with a strong presence in the area is a must for purchasing a new lake house. In the Table Rock Lake area, look no further!

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