Lake Kayaking for Beginners: 4 Essentials Tips to Remember

Kayaking For Beginners

You don’t have to have a speedboat to go have fun on the lake. Sometimes all you need is something as small (and relatively inexpensive) as a kayak.

Kayaks are intuitive boats, so you only need to know a few things about kayaking for beginners. We’ve got some essential tips to get you started, below.

1. Slather Yourself in Sunscreen

A lot of kayakers make the mistake of not putting sunscreen all over their entire bodies before they go on the water. They think they’ll be protected enough since their lower body will be inside the kayak.

Regardless of lower-leg shade, always put on a heavy layer of sunscreen when you go out on the water.

The best way to do it is to apply the sunscreen naked before you put on whatever you will wear on the kayak. That way you don’t miss a spot that the sun gets through.

For choosing a sunscreen, find one with the highest SPF possible and one that says both “water-resistant” and “broad spectrum”.

If you get wet, like when you go swimming, when you get back to shore, reapply as soon as you’re dry.

2. Wear What You’d Wear in the Water

Too many people think they won’t get wet while kayaking. First, that’s not the case, and second, you never know what could happen.

If you’re kayaking in the water where you’d wear a wetsuit to swim, kayak in a wetsuit. If it’s bathing-suit water, wear a bathing suit and a comfy pair of shorts.

Since your upper half will be unshaded and have the sunlight reflecting both on you and off of the water onto you, wear a rash guard.

3. Get Waterproof Cases

Your smartphone is your life. Even if you think you don’t like it or you don’t think you use it that much – you’d be sad if it got water damage.

Get one of those fancy waterproof phone cases, and if you’re going out on choppy water (windy), make sure it’s one that can float.

You’ll want to leave most of your valuables at the shore.

4. Stretch First

If you’ve never kayaked before, you may think it looks easy enough. But it’s a heck of a workout for your back and shoulders, enough that you should stretch first.

Never go in choppy or against-the-current water on your first round kayaking. Get a good feel of your current rowing strength level before you ever leave the shallows.

Practice going forward and backward, turning, etc. It’s all about where you put your paddle, and what angle you put it in the water at.

Remember, the flatter your paddle is, the more push it will have.

Kayaking for Beginners

Table Rock Lake is the perfect place to kayak if you’re an athlete or a retiree. You don’t have to do laps around the lake to have fun, and it’s nice to have an hour out on the water.

Before you go remember to heed these kayaking for beginners tips and you’ll be good to go!

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