Lake Properties

Lakeview Property For Sale At Table Rock Lake

There are many types of lake properties all around the Table Rock and Tri-Lakes areas. Lake Time Realty will be happy to meet with you, or email with you the details for any Table Rock Lake MLS listing that is available. Table Rock Lake is a lake that you can purchase a lake front property that will adjoin the US Army Corp of Engineers Take Line (also known as your property line).

It can be as close as a gentle walk down to the water or it can be a high bluff ridge property that is still considered lake front if it adjoins the Take Line. There are properties that have the most awesome lake views and some that are still lake front with no views or very limited views because of trees on the Corp of Engineers side of the Take Line.

There are just about as many kinds of lake properties scattered around as you can imagine. We have seen everything from million-dollar estates to old fishing cabins that were built either when the lake went in or before when it was the White River just rolling through.

With the variety of property types, styles and locations come a variety of selling prices. We never try to push properties that are higher than a client’s budget but sometimes we need to show a variety of properties, so the client can see and fully understand what you will get for the investment spent.

No matter what type of lake property fits your budget, we can, have and are currently assisting buyers and sellers alike with all types of lake properties. This is what we do, and we love listing and showing properties and exploring for ourselves the way each property sits regarding the lake and the area around it.

We can also provide a map of the lake and help you understand the location of the property regarding North and South or East and West. All this will help with selecting your spot on the Lake.