Lake Realty FAQ - Real Estate At Table Rock Lake

Lake Realty Frequently Asked Questions

Which area of Table Rock Lake is the best?

It all depends on what you are looking for. There are so many choices on Table Rock Lake that we have to answer a broad question like that with a few follow up specific questions of our own:

Do you want to be close to Branson?
Do you want to be closer to doctors, shopping or restaurants?
Do you like to be more remote with quiet and seclusion or near more activity?

Answering these questions will help us recommend the best areas for your family.

What are the differences between the three Lakes?

The chain of Tri-Lakes are Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake.

Table Rock Lake is a warm lake and is great for recreational boating. Many properties are located right on the shores of the lake because of the US Army Corp of Engineers shoreline is so close to the lake.

Lake Taneycomo is more of a river type of lake. It comes from the bottom of Table Rock Lake through the dam. It is considered a cold lake because of the water flowing from the bottom of Table Rock Lake. There are some beautiful homes built along the shores, but it has more of a river feel.

Bull Shoals Lake flows from Lake Taneycomo and is a warm lake, but not as crowded as Table Rock Lake because the Corp of Engineers shore line is farther away from the shores than on Table Rock Lake. Also the lake itself is more rural and farther away from the Branson area.

Can you boat from one lake to another?

No. You cannot boat from one lake to another. There are dams that allow the flow of water between the lakes, but there are no locks for boat traffic between the lakes.

How long have you lived on Table Rock Lake?

Since 1985, we have lived in the Shell Knob and the Branson areas and have been on Table Rock Lake every year.

Which area do you prefer?

This really comes down to personal preference, because there are so many great areas for real estate at Table Rock Lake. We prefer a warm lake like Table Rock Lake, because that is where we play with family and friends. We like to boat and swim and enjoy our grandkids.

Are boat slips included with the purchase of a lake house?

Boat slips are considered personal property and are not real estate. They can be negotiated into the purchase price, but when a lender is involved, they almost always have to be kept separate.

Can we have a slip or dock built out in front of a lakefront property that does not currently have one?

The Tri-Lakes are all controlled by the Corp of Engineers and with that comes strict rules and regulations as to what can and cannot be allowed on the Corp side of the shoreline. There are maps of zoning and we can assist with finding out what is allowed on a property for sale that is water front.

If we purchase a house, can we do nightly rentals?

That all depends on the location of the property and if there are any restrictions that would prevent this. However, you will not be allowed to lease out your boat slip. This is against the Corp of Engineers rules. Any slip rentals or leases need to be handled at the Marinas.

What about medical emergencies around the lake?

This is a great question and if a client does not ask, we will volunteer that the rural areas have a medical helicopter service available and insurance can be purchased. There are also medical clinics and some local hospitals tied to the larger ones in Springfield and Branson scattered around in the smaller communities.

Why should we choose a local lender over the lender we have back home?

We encourage you to let us introduce buyers to some local lenders. They are familiar with our lake area properties and have access to funding for second homes, condos, investment properties and nightly rentals.