Listing Advice for First Impressions From a Branson Missouri Real Estate Agent

Listing Advice for First Impressions From a Branson Missouri Real Estate Agent

Listing Advice for Great First Impressions From a Branson Missouri Real Estate Agent

Are you wanting to list your Branson home and don’t know what steps to take in order to make the best first impression on possible buyers? As we all know, the first impression is the most important part of a lasting impression. This very much applies to buyers out looking at properties to call their new home. As your local Branson Missouri Real Estate Agent we’ve compiled tips for your listing to make a great first impression:

  • Have Great Curb Appeal – When a buyer looks at your listing online or pulls up to your property, the outside is the first thing they will see. You might not need a complete paint job but if one side of the house gets lots of sun and looks faded or the siding looks like it is flaking, please consider matching the color as best you can and get the parts that need paint redone.  Clean up the yard, trim the bushes, and plant a few flowers. We are all busy with our everyday lives but some of these items will show a buyer that you have great pride of owning this property.
  • Add a Pop They Will Remember –  Add some spice to your property’s curb appeal. Make the front door fresh with a color a little different than the house or plant flowers out front to make a memorable first impression.
  • De-Clutter – Continue the great impression inside and start by decluttering your personal items. You are moving anyway, right? We suggest boxing up and moving to storage at least 40% of your personal items. Decide what you can live without for a few months and get it out of the house. This will make your house look and feel so much larger. Buyers can visualize their personal stuff in the house.
  • Cleanliness Is Key – It is also a great time for some fresh paint and some deep cleaning inside. If the carpet looks stained or worn out, consider replacing some of it or all of it or at least have it cleaned professionally.
  • Smell Fresh – Besides first looks, smells are very important too. If you have pets, do whatever you need to do to make your house smell fresh. This also will show that you take pride in ownership and should help your Branson Missouri Real Estate Agent get the best-selling price for you with fewer days on the market.

Joe and Billie with Lake Time Realty have been in the Real Estate business since 2001. We would love to visit you before you list to share our tips and advice that we have learned over the years.