Moving to Shell Knob, MO? Here’s What You Need to Know!

More people are moving to Missouri. If you’re making your move, have you considered settling down in Shell Knob?

Shell Knob, MO combines the beauty of being on the waterfront and the charm of a small town. There’s a lot here for you and your family, all you need to do is start exploring.

Whether you’ve never heard of Shell Knob and are curious or are planning to make your new home here, we’ve got you’ve covered. Read on to learn how much you’re going to love living in Shell Knob!

History of Shell Knob MO

You would expect that being on the shores of Table Rock lake that Shell Knob’s name came from shells. Actually, the name comes from the people who came to the area in 1835.

Elizabeth and Henry Yoachum Schell set up a trading post at this location back then. The C in Schell was eventually lost to time, leaving just “Shell Knob”.

Life in Shell Knob

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Shell Knob, MO, you’ll find a peaceful, small community with a population close to 2,000. Houses nearby are great for families and affordable, with the median home value hovering close to $200,000.

Shell Knob weather is much like the rest of Missouri with four defined seasons. Their highs can reach 90 degrees and lows average close to 30 degrees, perfect for both summer and winter activities.

Speaking of activities, there’s lots of interesting things to do. The area is ripe with history and family-friendly experiences.

Things to do in Shell Knob

It goes without saying that you can have a ton of fun on Table Rock lake. Your family will enjoy swimming, fishing, and boating.

Places like Roaring River State Park and the Golden Pioneer Museum show off the area’s rich history and natural wonders. You can learn about the original native tribes that lived on the land as well as the pioneers who later settled into the area.

If your kids love animals, they have a chance to get up close and personal with over 500 rare and endangered animals at Eureka Springs Safari Park. There are so many interesting, beautiful, and exotic animals here waiting for you to see them.

Want to eat healthy and teach your kids where their food comes from? You need to visit Persimmon Hill farm where there are plenty of pick your own berries available all summer.

Find Your New Home in Shell Knob

Shell Knob MO is a beautiful, cozy community that’s just waiting for a family like yours to call it home. From the great outdoors to a long, rich history, to an affordable lifestyle, it’s a great place to live.

Ready to begin a new adventure here in Shell Knob? We make it easy to find a gorgeous new home for you and your family.

We’re ready to meet your budget and find the right place for you to move into. What are you waiting for?

Start packing your bags today. Reach out to us right now to start your new life in Shell Knob!