Table rock Lake

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The Table Rock Lake Dam was constructed from 1954 to 1958 as a ways of controlling area flooding on the White River and at the same time to produce electricity at the dam. The beautiful results we see today are from the planning and construction of that dam by the US Army Corp of Engineers.

The lake filled in fast and was ahead of what the Corp of Engineers had hoped for with many farmsteads and a few cemeteries covered with water before they could be relocated. The lake itself has over 52,000 surface acres and about 850 miles at the top of the flood pool. The depth of course will vary but can reach as deep as 220 feet.

Flood control and the production of electricity were the original reasons that we have Table Rock Lake, but it has become an awesome place to live. There are so many activities for all ages on the lake and you can enjoy fishing, boating, restaurants, water sports or just the simple beauty of the lake itself.

Nothing like it...

Our waters are closely monitored to make sure it stays protected from pollutants and run offs. It is common to be able to see 10’ down on a clear summer day and see fish from the boats or boat docks. Table Rock Lake is a warm lake in the summer. When the temperatures reach the upper 90s and above the rocks in and around the lake absorb the sun’s warmth and tend to help hold the water temps comfortable sometimes into October.

These are just some of the reasons so many have discovered Table Rock Lake and are excited to purchase property here either as a permanent retirement place to live or as a second home for get-a-ways. Many baby boomers were brought here as children on family vacations only to return year after year with their own children and now grandchildren. Table Rock Lake is truly a lake for lake lovers to get spoiled with by purchasing their own boatslip house for sale on Table Rock Lake.

Joe and Billie Cockrell are the owners of Lake Time Realty and we are lake lovers too. We understand why this lake and the beauty of the entire lake area has drawn so many wanting to relocate here and stay as long as they are able. We own lake front property and are able to enjoy the lake with our families and especially our grandkids. We make wonderful memories and we enjoy working with buyers that are looking for the same experiences. If you are looking to make the move to purchase lake property get in touch with us so we can start your search.