The Best Bass Fishing Spots at Table Rock Lake

Fishing Spots On Table Rock Lake

Top national sources often list Table Rock Lake as one of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States. 

But with more than 52,000 acres of water and over 8,000 miles of shoreline, it’s not always easy to know the best bass fishing spots to cast your rod on Table Rock Lake. Or, what time of the year to consider a Branson, MO boating trip for improving your chances of a catch. 

Luckily, we’re here to help! Keep reading for all the best Table Rock Lake fishing spots and when to check them out!


Table Rock Lake’s winding creeks, deep channels, and shallow coves are all bass favorites. But, depending on when you visit, the best Branson, MO fishing hotspots will differ. 

During the pre-spawn and spawning period running from March through May, it’s possible to target all three types of bass – largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted (black) bass – by heading to the clearest, shallowest waters. The clear waters around Table Rock Dam are especially plentiful if you’re targeting smallmouth and spotted bass, who prefer water 15 feet deep or more. Largemouth, in contrast, tend to stay in water eight feet deep or less.


During the summer months, bass often school in deeper water and can be harder to catch. But for the committed anglers among you, the many Table Rock Lake boating options available make it easier to head offshore toward prime bass haunts such as Jakes Branch. Your main target will likely be spotted bass, which you can often find congregating around the sides of deep points from 30 to 70 feet deep along the stretch of lake running from Long Creek up to Jacques Creek.


Like spring, fall is prime bass fishing season in Table Rock Lake. At this time of the year, you’ll need to head back to the shallows as all three species of bass follow their food sources to gorge in Table Rock Lake’s skinny branches of water before winter.

In particular, the stretch of lake that heads past Devil’s Pool is a great spot to try your luck, while the sheltered waters that flow past Persimmon Hollow and into the land are great for tracking down largemouth bass.  


The mild Ozark winters mean that Table Rock Lake never freezes on the main lake, making this part of the country a great place for buying a lake home or indeed, year-round fishing. In fact, winter can be one of the most productive times of the year for catching smallmouth and spotted bass.

Both species will often school together, following large schools of threadfin shad into areas of water from 40 to 150 feet deep. In winter, the best way to strike lucky is to stick to the central parts of the main lake from Oasis Bluff going north, where the water is up to 220 feet deep!

The Best Bass Fishing Spots at Table Rock Lake

There’s no doubt that Table Rock Lake is home to some of the best bass fishing in the country. But, it pays to know where exactly on the lake to head and when if you want to increase your chances of a catch.

Of course, the best way to learn the secrets of Table Rock Lake fishing is to talk to the locals. Or, even better, to become one yourself! Feel free to get in touch with us here at Lake Time Realty to make your lake living dreams a reality!