Why Live in Missouri? 5 Great Reasons to Make This Move

Are you interested in moving to be near Table Rock Lake? Do you have a job offer that’s located in Missouri? If so, then you should do your research on why live in Missouri to see all it has to offer.

It’s one of the few states that offers all of the seasons of the year but in a tame climate. You don’t have to trade off harsh winters for beautiful summers or vice versa. You’ll love it year-round!

See below for several of the major benefits of living in Missouri and why real estate near Table Rock Lake is such a good investment.

1. Beautiful Sights and Sounds

It’s entirely fitting that The “Show Me” state would have such amazing sights and sounds to behold. It’s home to several amazing lakes and rivers, beautiful nature, and some of the most up-and-coming cities in America.

The state is home to Saint Louis and Kansas City, home to moderately-sized downtown areas with some of the best BBQ you’ll ever eat. 

Near Table Rock Lake, you have the amazing city of Branson, Missouri, one of the finest tourist destinations no matter the time of year. You’ll never be too far away from some of the best entertainment and fun in the entire United States.

Missouri contains the Lake of the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake, Mark Twain National Forest, and so much more. The drives between cities are some of the most beautiful that you’ll ever take.

While so many other states are looking to tear down nature within their borders, Missouri is doing all it can to preserve it. That fact alone makes it a worthwhile place to live.

2. A Perfect Combination of All Four Seasons

It’s rare that you’d find an entire state in the United States of America where you can actually enjoy all four seasons like you can in Missouri.

States like Florida might be warm year-round, but their summers are unbearably hot. If you live in northern states, you have to endure brutal winters filled with feet of snow in order to enjoy the 3-month long summer (if that).

The state of Missouri hosts all four seasons in conditions where its residents can experience different beauty year-round.

Take in the sun-filled heat of summer by boating and swimming in Table Rock Lake. Bust out those comfy flannels and sweaters as the fall season gracefully eases you into the winter season. 

You’ll have the time of your life with any season of the year. Enjoy the holiday season in a winter wonderland. Look forward to the refreshing sunny and breezy days of spring. 

3. Plethora of Job Opportunities

The jobs and industries in the state of Missouri are some of the most diverse positions in the country.

It’s filled with medical positions, thriving business positions, retail stores galore, entertainment, and information technology.

Many businesses that call Missouri home have an easier time appeasing international clientele. Since the state is smackdab in the middle of the country, they’re never too far from any particular state.

Some of the jobs that are thriving currently include psychiatrists, pediatricians, information technology representatives, CEOs, web developers, and computer engineers.

4. Rich History 

If you enjoy American history, then it doesn’t get much better than Missouri. No matter where you live, there seems to be an awesome and jaw-dropping story behind it.

The entire state was part of the Louisiana Purchase back in 1803 when Lewis and Clark (and their crew) cruised down the banks of the might Mississippi River. 

The incredible Table Rock Lake was formed after the Table Rock Dam was built to control the White River back in the 1950s. That dam would be responsible for the appearance of a lake that now has a shoreline of more than 750 miles.

Saint Louis was known as the “Gateway to the West” due to its being the centralized point in which 19th-century pioneers would either choose to travel the Oregon Trail or the Santa Fe Trail to settle in the West.

The city of Branson was started after Reuben Branson initially opened a store in the nature-filled Ozark Mountains. 

No matter what city you decide to invest in, there’s a pride that comes with the innovation and adventure the state of Missouri has always provided.

5. Proximity to Adventure

How often can you say that you’re close to adventure? If you invest in real estate by Table Rock Lake, you’ll have adventure and excitement all around you.

The infamous Lake of the Ozarks is only 2 hours away. Saint Louis is only 4 hours away by car. Branson, one of the best tourist attractions in the entire state, is only 15 minutes away.

Arkansas is a stone’s throw away. Tulsa, Oklahoma is only 3 hours away. You get the idea. You have access to brand new experiences all around you.

No two trips to Table Rock Lake are the same. With over 79 miles to explore, you’ll never have a dull moment while fishing, swimming, boating, skiing, or whatever your heart desires.

Why Live in Missouri: Adventure and Balance Await You

Now that you’ve seen 5 powerful reasons to answer your question of “why live in Missouri?”, it’s time to find the best places to find Table Rock Lake homes for sale.

Be sure to read this article to learn more about home buying for your first lakefront house. The opportunities to land one are much more plentiful than you might imagine.

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